S.C’s Fight Against COVID-19

Column:Company News Time:2020-02-05

In January2020, the COVID-19 outbroke suddenly. The prevention and control measures were taken immediately across the country. S.C, in order to prevent the pandemic affecting the company and protect all staff, has initiated the emergency-response plan since January 26. With comprehensive deployment, targeted measures, coordinated control and efficient execution, we are confident to overcome the epidemic.

1.Form Emergency Response Team to Comprehensively Deploy the Epidemic Control and Prevention

Since the COVID-19 spread, S.C leaders have attached great importance to it, emphasizing that the safety and health of employees should be put in the first place and the joint prevention and control of the pandemic should be done seriously. According to the requirements of the government, and the actual situation of the company’s production and operation, S.C worked out its own “COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures" and established an emergency response team. Under the general manager's command, Administrative Center organized and coordinated the work and other departments strictly implemented these measures to ensure that all staff can return to the factory and the production can be resumed in an orderly manner after the Spring Festival. 

2.Coordinated Prevention and Control of Covid-19 to Protect the Staff

S.C has attached great importance to the health and safety of its employees, and has taken a lot of coordinated prevention and control measures, such as purchasing infrared thermometers, masks, goggles, protective clothing, disinfectants, medical alcohol, etc.; preparing multiple isolation rooms in the dormitory for isolating and observing the employees who are suspected of being infected; hanging publicity banners in the industrial park to raise staff’s awareness of preventing epidemic and enhance their vigilance; and making statistics of the information of the employees in Hubei Province and creating a separate WeChat group for them to ensure smooth implementation of the government’s orders and policies and quick information transmission.

 In order to strengthen the management of people entry and exit, the company has set up registration, disinfection and temperature measurement stations at the entrance of the factory gate since January 27. All personnel entering and exiting must be measured of their body temperature and disinfected with alcohol, and only people whose temperature in normal range can enter the industrial park. But if any people’s body temperature is abnormal (over 37.3℃), we will immediately notify the Epidemic Prevention Department and a hospital to resolutely interceptand the potential danger of epidemic outside the industrial park.

Body Temperature Measuring & Disinfecting

 Beside, the office area, public area, living area, the canteen, dormitories and parking lot and other areas and facilities are disinfected every day to ensure employees work and stay in a safe environment.

3.Resolutely Implement the National Policy and Extend the Spring Festival Holiday for a Appropriate Period

According to "Notice on the Reopening Time of Enterprise and School " issued by the People's Government of Guangdong Province on January 28, S.C actively responded to it by extending the Spring Festival holiday. Besides, the company requires the employees who currently stay in Hubei Province or went across Hubei do not return to Shenzhen until receiving the specific notices from Pingshan Government, and the employees who have been to Hubei should be self-isolated at home for 14 days in accordance with the government’s regulations and keep in touch with the Emergency Response Team. If their health conditions are normal after that, they can return to work.

Notice on the Reopening Time of Enterprise and School issued by the People's Government of Guangdong Province

S.C strengthened the prevention and control of covid-19 through comprehensive deployment and joint efforts of all employees. In addition, all employees are required to wear masks, keep indoor environment ventilating, wash their hands frequently, drink more water and stay away from crowds by the company to stop the epidemic spreading and to better protect everyone's safety and health.

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